About us

Welcome to our website reeding British Blue cats Von Krauze dedicated to breeding British Blue cats.

We are passionate about these charming and distinctive cats, and we want to share our knowledge and love for this unique breed with you. British Blue cats are known for their beautiful soft, solid blue fur, which gives them an elegant appearance. Their wide heads, short snouts, and large, shiny eyes make them look like adorable miniature bears.

The character of British Blue cats is admirable - they are calm, patient, and majestic. Their gentle nature makes them excellent companions for children, individuals living alone, and the elderly. They are also used in feline therapy, where they excel in providing emotional support. These cats have the ability to bring joy, comfort, and warmth into the lives of every family.

In our breeding program, the well-being and health of our cats are our top priorities. We ensure that our cats have appropriate living conditions and receive regular veterinary care. All our cats undergo tests for hereditary diseases, and we carefully select parents to ensure healthy and strong kittens.

We also offer support and advice for prospective owners to help build successful and lasting relationships between humans and cats. 

If you are interested in purchasing British Blue kittens, we warmly invite you to contact us. 

We take pride in our breeding program and want to help you find the perfect companion who will bring joy and love to your home. Let us introduce you to the magical world of British Blue cats and experience the extraordinary bond you can create with these adorable creatures.